How do I find content to share?

When sharing content with, please be aware of this information:

In the Content Catalog you will find various types of content that you can share through your Instagram or Facebook page. You can filter the content displayed by various criteria:

You can filter the content yourself by the different content types. All content types that are marked are displayed in the Content Catalog (all by default):

For a more detailed explanation of each type of content see the section “Content”:

Filtering by category helps to more accurately filter the different contents of the “Stories” content type. There are several thematically separated categories to choose from, but most of it is just available on german at the moment:

With the filter Languages you can set whether only German-language content, only English-language content or all content should be displayed:

With the sorting you can set the order in which contents are displayed. For example “best CPM” sort order shows the content with the statistically best merits descending from the highest eCPM:

Content that does not have statistics yet from other users because the content is new will be compensated 0.5 points more per click for the first 1000 users. If there are any extra points, you can see that through the %-indicator on the content:

How do I share a content after I choose it?

If you have selected a content you can click on it and a window will open. In this window you can either download a preview image for sharing on Instagram or Facebook as well as receive your personal money link to the content that will earn you points when users access the page via the money link:

Get to the content catalog:

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